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Can a baby just born use a rocking chair?

Pubdate: Oct 28, 2022    Preview: 34

The baby rocking chair can make the baby fall asleep quickly, which reduces the trouble of mother coaxing the baby to sleep. But many mothers think that baby rocking chairs also have some shortcomings, for example: baby rocking chairs are not very good for the development of the baby’s spine. In fact, these can be avoided, as long as the time of using the rocking chair is well controlled, it will not affect the baby’s development.

Can a newborn baby use a rocking chair? Perhaps young mothers who often use baby rocking chairs do not know enough about baby rocking chairs. Baby rocking chairs have both advantages and disadvantages. Mothers can not take baby rocking chairs lightly. After all, it is healthy with the baby There is a great relationship. There is a rocking chair in which the baby can lie and use it after birth. As the baby grows up, the recliner can be adjusted and the baby can sit inside. For smaller babies, the rocking chair cannot be used because his bones are easily deformed. The sitting rocking chair must wait until 6 months after the baby can sit.

Baby rocking chairs have both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of the baby rocking chair is that the baby who is often in a quiet state will feel uneasy. The rocking of the chair can give them a sense of security and comfort, and it is conducive to the development of the baby’s brain; but it is not enough for the baby to stay in Sleeping on a baby rocking chair, because its bones are not yet well formed and very soft, sleeping on the rocking chair will affect the baby’s development, and the baby’s bones will tend to bend after growing up. So do not use more than 20 minutes each time. In addition, when using the rocking chair, it should be noted that the rocking chair must be firmly placed on the ground, the bottom of the rocking chair must be strong and large in area, try not to use it on a hard surface such as cement floor or ceramic tiles, to prevent the rocking chair from tipping. Be sure to use the included safety strap. When there are children playing around, do not put the baby in the rocking chair, because they may bump or knock over the baby. Don’t leave your baby alone in the rocking chair and leave it unattended.