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Is a baby rocking chair useful?

Pubdate: Oct 28, 2022    Preview: 52

Before birth, the fetus floats in the amniotic fluid of the mother’s uterus. The change of the mother’s position such as the rise and fall of the mother is a shaking stimulus. This stimulus is constantly perceived by the fetus and sends a strong signal to the brainstem vestibular system To promote brain development. When the fetus is born, the stimulus signal that receives the shaking suddenly disappears, which makes the baby feel uneasy, which creates the need to be shaken again, and the feeling of satisfaction can be obtained by shaking the baby.

Can the baby sleep on the rocking chair? BB’s bones are not very good or still very soft. Sleeping on the rocking chair often will affect development!

Some babies are naturally timid and need to be nurtured. Mother does not make an emergency noise, and slowly encourages the baby to try new things. After a few times, the baby will like the feeling of being shaken. The baby’s brain, which is often shaken in infancy, is gratifying to the development of the brain, and can prevent motion sickness and seasickness after growing up.

The child is crying and can be quiet by holding it and shaking it. Do you know that there is a huge scientific basis?

The latest research by the famous Japanese doctor of medicine, Takahashi Eichiro, shows that: the babies who often receive shaking, the brain’s development rate is gratifying. In just one year, the weight of the brain has increased from about 400 grams to about 800 grams, which has completely turned Fan. And the added part is precisely the essence of the brain-the neocortex of the brain, which lays a solid biological foundation for the development of children’s IQ.